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Computer Controlled Systems: Theory and Design

Computer Controlled Systems: Theory and Design

ISBN 9780137367870
Edition 3 International ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
This book provides a balanced survey of theory and practical aspects of computer-controlled systems. Design methods are given substantial coverage.FEATURES: NEW--Reorganized for greater flexibility: the first nine chapters provide enough material for a short course, while more advanced material is left for later chapters. NEW--Earlier introduction to design of digital controllers (Chapter 4). NEW--Implementation moves up to chapter 9 (from Chapter 14). NEW--Pole placement design is discussed before the deeper design issues of Chapter 6, allowing better discussion of control system design. * Interactive use of MATLAB and Simulink macros to understand the theory. * Extensive pedagogical aids to facilitate understanding. * Worked examples. * Matlab macros. * Problems. * Solutions manual. * Design methods and practical aspects of computer controlled systems are presented.

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