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Construction Equipment and Methods

Construction Equipment and Methods

ISBN 9781118476710
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley
Construction Equipment and Methods: Planning, Innovation, Safety fosters engineers who are information literate and able to approach complex engineering and managerial problems with confidence and skill. Students of this text will fully appreciate the practical aspects of being a construction engineer and manager, the dual nature—both technical and managerial—of the responsibilities.  The text helps build these skills through: a cohesive view of construction technology, its safe use to maximize productivity, and how the principles of science are being applied; linking the material in this course to their previous courses (such as statics or geotechnical engineering); and pedagogy designed to promote knowledge, and skill acquisition, such as case studies and open-ended problems. Students will be engaged by relevant subject matter, informed by the author’s hands-on research in advanced technologies, mechatronics, robotics, ergonomics/safety, etc.The wide variety of pedagogical devices in the text will appeal to all different learning styles, and provide teachers with more opportunities and resources to get students to reflect about what they are learning, to connect the new to their past experiences, and to understand its relevance to their future.

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