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Discovering Datamining: From Concept to Implementation

Discovering Datamining: From Concept to Implementation

ISBN 9780137439805
Publisher Pearson Education Ltd.
This book teaches newcomers all they need to know to profit from today's powerful data mining technologies. Through extensive case studies and examples, you'll learn how companies are using data mining right now to achieve powerful results -- and how you can do it, too. Learn how data mining can help you build intimate relationships with customers that haven't existed for generations. Discover which areas of your business can benefit from data mining; the business, social and technical issues involved; how to prevent fraud and abuse; and how to make the most of outside consultants. The book also demonstrates IBM's powerful new Intelligent Miner tool and shows how it can be applied. Business and systems analysts; strategic planners; marketing executives; and other managers who can benefit from data mining.

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