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Elementary Statistics: A Brief Version

Elementary Statistics: A Brief Version

ISBN 9781260092554
Edition 8
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw Hill
Elementary Statistics: A Brief Version, 8eChapter 1: The Nature of Probability and Statistics1.1, Descriptive and Inferential Statistics1.2, Variables and Types of Data1.3, Data Collection and Sampling Techniques1.4, Experimental Design1.5, Computers and CalculatorsChapter 2: Frequency Distributions and Graphs2.1, Organizing Data2.2, Histograms, Frequency Polygons, and Ogives2.3, Other Types of Graphs2.4, Paired Data and Scatter PlotsChapter 3: Data Description3.1, Measures of Central Tendency3.2, Measures of Variation3.3, Measures of Position3.4, Exploratory Data AnalysisChapter 4: Probability and Counting Rules4.1, Sample Spaces and Probability4.2, The Addition Rules for Probability4.3, The Multiplication Rules and Conditional Probability4.4, Counting Rules4.5, Probability and Counting RulesChapter 5: Discrete Probability Distributions5.1, Probability Distributions5.2, Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, and Expectation5.3, The Binomial DistributionChapter 6: The Normal Distribution6.1, Normal Distributions6.2, Applications of the Normal Distributions6.3, The Central Limit Theorem6.4, The Normal Approximation to the Binomial DistributionChapter 7: Confidence Intervals and Sample Size7.1, Confidence Intervals
7.2, Confidence Intervals for the Mean When σ Is Known
7.3, Confidence Intervals for the Mean When σ Is Unknown7.4, Confidence Intervals and Sample Size for Proportions7.5, Confidence Intervals for Variances and Standard DeviationsChapter 8: Hypothesis Testing8.1, Steps in Hypothesis Testing – Traditional Method8.2, z Test for a Mean8.3, t Test for a Mean8.4, z Test for a Proportion8.5, Chi-Square Test for a Variance or Standard Deviation8.6, Additional Topics Regarding Hypothesis TestingChapter 9: Testing the Difference Between Two Means, Two Proportions, and Two Variances9.1, Testing the Difference Between Two Parameters
9.2, Testing the Difference Between Two Means: Using the z Test
9.3, Testing the Difference Between Two Means of Independent Samples: Using the t Test9.4, Testing the Difference Between Two Means: Dependent Samples9.5, Testing the Difference Between Two Proportions
9.6, Testing the Difference Between Two Variances
Chapter 10: Correlation and Regression10.1, Correlation10.2, Regression10.3, Coefficient of Determination and Standard Error of the EstimateChapter 11: Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)11.1, Test for Goodness of Fit11.2, Test Using Contingency Tables11.3, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)Appendix A: TablesAppendix B: Data BankAppendix C: GlossaryAppendix D: Selected Answers
Additional Topics Online
Algebra Review
Writing the Research Report
Bayes' Theorem
Alternate Approach to the Standard Normal Distribution

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