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Exploring Catholic Theology: God, Christ, Church and Sacraments

Exploring Catholic Theology: God, Christ, Church and Sacraments

ISBN 9780896226616
Publisher Twenty-third Publications
This work critically examines some of the principal beliefs and teachings of the Catholic Church. Using scripture, history and the thoughts of major theologians past and present, it presents the basic theological teachings that underlie Catholic beliefs. It also addresses many common questions, objections and misconceptions about these core teachings. The Church's central beliefs are covered in four major sections: "God" - who is God, how do we know God, what is the relationship between God and science?; "Christ" - who is the Jesus of history, what can we know about the Christ of faith, what does it mean for Jesus to be "fully God, and fully human", how can we say that Jesus lives today?; "Church" - did Jesus start the Church, why do we need a Church, why are there many different Christian Churches, what is the mission of the Church, who is called to minister in the Church?; "Sacraments" - why is the Eucharist the central sacrament, how come marriage is a sacrament, what is the significance of other sacraments for Catholics? Throughout the book, Dr Hill includes the observations and questions of college students and adults on these topics, and offers a look ahead to the shape of the Church in the 21st century. Included are discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Bernard Hill is the author of "Jesus, The Christ", and co-author of "Faith, Religion and Theology" and "The Catechism: Highlights and Commentary".

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