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Hospitality Marketing in the e-Commerce Age

Hospitality Marketing in the e-Commerce Age

ISBN 9781862505117
Publisher Hospitality Press
Hospitality Marketing in the e-Commerce Age is a comprehensive account of all aspects of marketing in the hospitality industry. Although primarily a textbook for students and teachers of hospitality marketing, this book will prove invaluable for all practitioners in the hospitality industry who want to add to their knowledge of marketing. The approach taken in this book is that marketing should be directed towards what happens to and for the customers. This approach is fundamentally different from those who consider marketing to be primarily concerned with sales and advertising. This book shifts the major emphasis of hospitality marketing onto building a service business from the inside, rather than relying on outside promotion after the event. Hospitality Marketing in the e-Commerce Age retains the bright and lively no-nonsense writing style of its predecessor, and builds on this with valuable contemporary information on all aspects of marketing, especially the huge changes brought about by the information technology revolution

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