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Image Interpretation in Geology

Image Interpretation in Geology

ISBN 9780412488801
Edition 2 Revised edition
Publisher W Green
The second edition of "Image Interpretation in Geology" has been fully rewritten to take account of recent advances in geographic information systems (GIS) and digital image processing. The basic physical principles of remote sensing and how they are applied in acquiring image data from aircraft and satellites are described in detail and are then related to the relevant physiology and psychology of human vision. From here, images from different climate zones of minerals, the rocks and soils that they make up, common geological structures and geologically controlled vegetation are analyzed using the basic mathematical principles of digital processing and GIS. In particular, the second edition: covers all aspects of remote sensing in geology without requiring sophisticated use of mathematics; includes a new chapter on applications; gives guidelines for the use of remote sensing and GIS; and is illustrated by a comprehensive selection of outstanding half-tone, stereoscopic and colour images. This comprehensive text should serve the needs of intermediate and advanced geology and environmental science undergraduates on aerial photograph interpretation and remote sensing courses. It is also suitable for postgraduates and professional geologists involved in digital image processing, GIS and geological mapping.

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