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International Business Strategy: A New Zealand Perspective

International Business Strategy: A New Zealand Perspective

ISBN 9781877258862
Edition 1 New ed
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice Hall New Zealand
International Business Strategy: A New Zealand Perspective is intended for tertiary students in upper-level undergraduate, honours and MBA courses in international business strategy. The book provides an up-to-date overview of concepts, theory and cases in international business strategy. It presents a well-grounded perspective of the shaping of the global economy; the in?uences of its key actors - the MNE and SME ?-and the integration of their strategies; and explains how international business strategy is formulated, implemented and managed in the context of global and regional business environments. Emphasis is placed on a New Zealand perspective of international business strategy - both past and present - and particularly in relation to the Asia-Paci?c Rim and beyond. An historical overview explores the rise of globalisation and the recent trends in regionalisation. Illustrated by case studies, a discussion of the role of both MNEs and SMEs explains the reasons for their importance and provides theoretical explanations for their existence in the world economy. The authors provide an overview of competitive positioning in the global business environment, and emphasise the need for ?rms to consider context, both internal and external. This leads to an in-depth discussion of tools that can help companies to formulate and implement strategy, and to evaluate alternative modes of entry and organisational forms in the international context.

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