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International Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Issues

International Studies: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Global Issues

ISBN 9780813343723
Publication Date
Publisher Westview Press Inc
This product has been discontinued.
This core text will provide lecturers with a much needed interdisciplinary method for presenting the varied global issues and regions necessary to understand international studies."International Studies" is a multidisciplinary subject comprising international politics, history, economics, anthropology and geography. The authors of this comprehensive text include specialists in each of these subject areas. Emphasizing their connectedness, each details the methodologies and subject matter of their respective disciplines, to provide a fuller understanding of the world.The second part of the book applies these disciplines to regional chapters, providing students with an understanding of the issues facing these areas and their connection to the global community. Case studies in each chapter also give students a closer look at the geographic, historical, cultural, economic and political elements of issues such as genocide and national identity.This disciplinary and regional combination provides professors with a cohesive framework to teach the broad spectrum of international affairs through a wholly unique interdisciplinary approach that is indispensable for students' understanding of global issues.

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