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Introduction to PSpice for Electric Circuits

Introduction to PSpice for Electric Circuits

ISBN 9780132448390
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice Hall
Computer tools can assist students in the learning process by providing a visual representation of a circuit's behavior, validating a calculated solution, reducing the computational burden of more complex circuits, and iterating toward a desired solution using parameter variation. This computational support is often invaluable in the design process. Updated for PSpice using OrCAD release 10.5, this manual focuses on three things: - Learning to draw and simulate linear circuits using PSpice - Constructing circuit models of basic devices such as op amps - Learning to challenge computer output data as a means of reinforcing confidence in simulation PSpice software may be used to solve many of Nilsson & Riedel's Electric Circuits, 8e Assessment Problems and Chapter Problems but the manual was designed as a supplement to stand on its own as an instructional unit.

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