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Value Pack Issues in Financial Accounting + Ethics-LX Simulation

Value Pack Issues in Financial Accounting + Ethics-LX Simulation

ISBN 9781486024995
Edition 15
Publication Date
Publisher Scientific Book Company
This pack contains 1 copy of Issues in Financial Accounting and 1 printed access card to Ethics-LX Simulation.

Issues in Financial Accounting addresses the controversial issues in financial accounting that have been debated by the preparers, users, auditors and regulators of financial statements.

Henderson provides the best balance of technical and theoretical coverage in any Financial Accounting text on the market today, with its presentation of real-world examples, current debates and the underlying rationale for the accounting concepts demonstrated. Throughout the text, academic studies and professional accounting research are referenced to also provide a critical understanding of historical debates in financial accounting.

Ethics-LX™ online learning solutions combine cutting edge academic content with real-world based scenarios that develop core business skills integrated seamlessly with ethics.

Instructors can easily embed the lessons from any Ethics-LX™ simulation into their existing syllabi. These interactive exercises can be used across many points of a course, including as a capstone experience or a final exam. Simulation players create their own analyses of an uncertain situation and make decisions for the company, receive timely stakeholder feedback, complete an online debrief and are energized for any further group discussion. To complete any Ethics-LX™ simulation should take no more than 2-3 hours.

Ethics-LX™ Simulations cover a wide range of subject areas:

Business Ethics Entrepreneurship Human Resource Development Management Communication Operations Management Quantitative Analysis Strategy Marketing Finance Accounting Sustainability

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