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LawBriefs: Constitutional Law 1e

LawBriefs: Constitutional Law 1e

ISBN 9780455234243
Edition 1st
Publication Date
Publisher Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters LawBriefs are an ideal companion to your studies in law. They include compact summaries of the law and unique diagrammatic explanations or mind maps in each chapter, which help you to understand complex legal concepts and how they relate to one another. Thomson Reuters LawBriefs present each subject area in a student friendly way to help you get the most out of your time studying. Each book in the series provides a succinct but substantive overview of the law, enabling you to study smarter, not longer. Table of contents 1. Introductory Concepts 2. Australia’s Constitutional History 3. State Parliamentary Procedures 4. Constitutional Interpretation 5. Characterisation 6. Trade and Commerce Power: s 51(i) 7. Corporations Power: s 51(xx) 8. External Affairs Power: s 51(xxix) 9. Federal Power and Indigenous Australians: s 51(xxvi) 10. Financial Powers 11. Executive Power 12. Separation of Judicial Power: Commonwealth 13. Separation of Powers: States and Territories 14. Inconsistency 15. Intergovernmental Immunities: State Immunity from Commonwealth Laws 16. Intergovernmental Immunities: Commonwealth Immunity from State Law 17. Section 92: Freedom of Interstate Trade, Commerce and Intercourse 18. Express Rights and Freedoms 19. Implied Civil and Political Rights

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