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Making Health Policy 2E, Sc

Course Codes : HPOL5000

Making Health Policy 2E, Sc

ISBN 9780335246342
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publication Date
Publisher Open University Press
"Making Health Policy is a must-read for those studying and working in global health. It provides a unique introduction to core concepts in global health policy and brings politics to the core of public health. Why do some issues get more attention than others? Why is evidence-based policy-making so difficult? How can we understand and study power in the health system? This book provides answers to these crucial questions." Devi Sridhar, James Martin Lecturer in Global Health Politics, Oxford University "This book is excellent and unique in the way it addresses complexity within the field of global health and policies in a simplified and practical way. Each chapter is structured to include Activities and Feedback, which fosters reflection and adult learning. This approach makes the book ideal for teaching at all levels of university. I highly recommend it." Goran Tomson, Professor of International Health Systems Research, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden "This is an excellent and accessible introduction to the politics of health policy-making by three of the world's leading scholars on the subject. If anyone thinks that improving the health of a population is solely about getting the interventions and policy content right, this book will surely disavow them of that belief. Political dynamics matter, and the authors draw on the most up-to-date research to provide practitioners and students with clear, sensible, evidence-based guidance on how to manage these dynamics." Jeremy Shiffman, Associate Professor of Public Administration and Policy, American University. "A great introduction and reference for health policy students, offering clear and concise explication of key theories about policy-making and applied to the health sector. This book unravels the complex world of health politics and decision-making, making it comprehensible for many who have difficulty understanding the system they work in, or aspire to enter the world of health policy to make a difference." Professor Vivian Lin, School of Public Health, La Trobe University, Australia Making Health Policy is the best selling text in the UPH series, launched in 2005. The book is a core text on health policy module, clearly explaining key concepts and engaging international readers with a wide range of examples. Now fully updated to reflect developments in policy and procedures, it is a clear, accessible text in an area where there are many specialized, UK-focused texts but very few on the "how to" of health policy in a range of international settings. This is the leading text in the area, focusing on the context, participants and processes of making health policy.

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