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Media and Journalism: New Approaches to Theory and Practice

Course Codes : CIM12, SCI17, 1702HUM, EDC155, COMM332, COMM532

Media and Journalism: New Approaches to Theory and Practice

ISBN 9780195574104
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Publication Date
"Bainbridge provides for journalism students an all-you-ever-needed-to-know introduction to media studies. It will get students acquainted with the concepts, theories, terminology and research methods used to "read" media and popular culture." Review of 1st Edition - Australian Journalism Review. An introductory text that provides an overview of the 'mediasphere' to demonstrate how a knowledge of media can inform a knowledge of journalism and vice versa; and to show how such knowledge is best acquired through a combination of theory and practice. It integrates media theory with journalistic practice by drawing on current theories of the media as well as providing practical instruction on how to write journalistic pieces that put these theories into practice. This book is divided into five parts, with the focus becoming progressively broader - from journalism and news writing, to the contexts in which they operate, to the larger mediasphere, to the media industries themselves, to the contexts in which these industries function. This encourages students to follow the flow of information and ideas from news production through to dissemination and negotiation, revealing how important journalism and media studies are to each other. Key Features A blend of 'up-to-date' (WikiLeaks) and 'classic' (War of the Worlds radio broadcast) case studies to offer students a wide range of perspectives. Each part is completed with a 'Tools' section. This provides practical training, eg: interviewing, writing feature articles and media releases, textual analysis, and highlights the aims of the section. New to this Edition New chapters on Specialist Reporting and Media Practice, Industry Change and the Law More content on legal ethic New case studies for each part Case studies from the 1st edition are available for students and lecturers online.
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