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ISBN 9780190657987
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford University Press
As the "Giant of Africa," Nigeria is home to about twenty percent of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa, serves as Africa's largest producer of oil and natural gas, comprises Africa's largest economy, and represents the cultural centre of African literature, film, and music. Yet it is plagued by problems that keep it from realising its potential as a world power. Boko Haram, a radical, Islamist insurrection centred in the northeast of the country, is a pervasive security challenge, as is the continuous restiveness in the Niger Delta, the heartland of Nigeria's petroleum wealth. The former seeks to destroy the secular Nigerian state; the latter reflects the popular sentiment in the region that the Nigerian people are entitled to a greater share of the wealth it produces. There is also persistent violence associated with land and water use, ethnicity, and religion.In Nigeria: What Everyone Needs to Know®, John Campbell and Matthew Page provide a rich contemporary overview of this crucial African country. Delving into Nigeria's recent history, politics, and culture, this volume tackles essential questions related to widening inequality stemming from Nigeria's oil wealth, its historic 2015 presidential election, the persistent security threat of Boko Haram, rampant government corruption, human rights concerns, and the continual conflicts that arise in a country that is roughly half Christian and half Muslim.With its continent-wide influence in a host of areas, Nigeria's success as a democracy is in the fundamental interest of its African neighbours, the United States, and the international community. This book will provide interested readers with an accessible, one-of-a-kind overview of this significant country.

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