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Plant Physiology And Development

ISBN 9781605352558
Edition 6
Publication Date
Publisher Sinauer Associates
An authoritative and comprehensive upper-division plant biology textbook that incorporates the latest advances in plant biology to provide the best educational foundation for the next generation of plant biologists.New to This Edition The Growth and Development section (Unit III) has been reorganised along developmental lines, describing the interactions of photoreceptors and hormones in the context of the plant life cycle, from germination to senescence.The chapter Signals and Signal Transduction has been expanded to include a discussion of major signalling molecules, such as calcium ions and plant hormones.A new, unified chapter entitled Signals from Sunlight has replaced the two Fifth-Edition chapters on Phytochrome and Blue Light Responses.Subsequent chapters in Unit III describe the stages of development from embryogenesis to senescence and the many physiological and environmental factors that regulate them.Two new chapters on stress are included: Biotic Interactions replaces the Fifth-Edition Chapter 13 on Secondary Metabolites and Plant Defense; Abiotic Stress discusses the use of genomics, systems biology, imaging, and bioinformatics tools in the study of abiotic stress.A new chapter on stomatal biology has been added to Unit II.The chapters on Mineral Nutrition and Assimilation of Inorganic Nutrients feature a new treatment of nitrogen metabolism.

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