Principles of Marketing Engineering

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Principles of Marketing Engineering

Course Codes : 24750
ISBN : 9781425113148
Publisher : Trafford Publishing
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : 1st edition
Overview As a profession, marketing is evolving, no longer based almost exclusively on conceptual content. That conceptual content will always have an important role to play in marketing, but the 21st century requires more analysis and rigor in marketing decision making. Much of marketing resembles design engineering - putting together concepts, data, analyses, and simulations to learn about the marketplace and to design effective marketing plans. While many view traditional marketing as art and some view it as science, the new marketing increasingly looks like engineering (that is, combining art and science to solve specific problems). Several key forces are changing the marketer's job: Pervasive high-powered personal computers networked are everywhere.Exploding volumes of data are readily available. Firms are reengineering marketing activities. And those firms are reorganizing more generally, leading to flatter organizations. Marketers need much more than concepts to fully exploit available resources: they need to move from conceptual marketing to marketing engineering. In this book we integrate concepts, analytic marketing techniques, and operational software for training the new generation of marketers, and help them become marketing engineers.


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