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Problem Solving, Abstraction and Design Using C++

Problem Solving, Abstraction and Design Using C++

ISBN 9780201883374
Publisher Addison Wesley
While emphasizing problem solving and programming skills, the authors introduce object-oriented concepts early in the text. The system-defined string and stream classes and a user-defined money class are used to reinforce the importance of data modeling in programming. This second edition contains all of the classic learning features readers have come to know and trust in authors Frank Friedman and Elliot Koffman. These features include case studies, program style sections, syntax display boxes, end-of-section exercises, common-error sections, chapter reviews, quick-check exercises, and programming projects.Highlights: * Presents only the essential features of C++, providing the beginning Computer Science student with a gentle introduction to the language. * Addresses recent changes to the C++ language, including the new C++ variable length string in Chapter 3, and the new type bool for writing logical expressions starting with Chapter 4. * Introduces the concepts of objects, classes, and class libraries in Chapter 2. The concept of objects is carried throughout the remaining chapters with a money class. * Provides flexible coverage of writing classes -- professors who prefer to have their students writing their own classes earlier can use the material covered in Chapter 11 anytime after Chapter 7. 0201883376B04062001

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