Reformation Thought: An Introduction

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Reformation Thought: An Introduction 9780631186519

ISBN : 9780631186519
Publisher : Blackwell Publishers
Author(s) :
Edition : 2 Revised edition
Overview The European Reformation remains of considerable importance to both historians and theologians. In recent years, new light has been shed on the ideas underlying the movement, especially their origins and their relation to the thought of the Renaissance and late medieval scholasticism. Both historians and theologians, however, have been hindered from coming to grips with this movement by the lack of an authoritative and up to date introduction to its ideas. Alister McGrath aims to fill this gap by providing an introduction to the thought of the Reformation, covering ideas and their historical contexts, personalities and schools of thought, technical terms and controversies. "Reformation Thought" asks: what was humanism, and what relation does it have to the Reformation? What influence is late medieval scholasticism thought to have had on the movement? What ideas lay behind Luther's revolt against Rome, and how did they develop? What were the points of disagreement among Reformers and what was at issue in their controversy with the Roman Catholic church? Each chapter includes suggestions for further reading. A glossary explains key terms, figures and movements. This book provides a bridge between the events of the Reformation and their intellectual context and causes.

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