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SAP R/3 Business Blueprint: Understanding Enterprise Supply Chain Management

SAP R/3 Business Blueprint: Understanding Enterprise Supply Chain Management

ISBN 9780130853400
Edition 2 ed
Publisher Prentice-Hall
8534K-4 The complete business and implementation guide to SAP R/3 ! In order to gain the maximum value from SAP R/3 , you need to understand the rich business framework embedded in R/3 and know how to implement it within your unique organization. The revision of this best-selling classic does both: documenting the deep process knowledge built into R/3 , helping decision-makers understand its benefits and offering start-to-finish guidance for R/3 implementers organization-wide. Newly updated to reflect R/3 Release 4.5 , this book delivers: Detailed coverage of finance, human resources, production, purchasing, sales, and service management with SAP R/3 Key business-process scenarios, presented in common business terms An overview of the IT infrastructure provided by SAP for e-commerce and supply chain management Analysis of R/3 middleware transaction management and application distribution Practical coverage of the R/3 Repository, SAP Business Framework, and R/3 Business Objecs Updates on the latest methodologies for R/3 evaluation and the tools for R/3 implementation A view of SAP R/3 beyond Y2K and the challenges for the next generation enterprise using the Internet You won't find a clearer guide to SAP R/3 . You'll discover how key components of R/3 link together, how they integrate the entire enterprise, and how to keep deriving business benefits from R/3 long after it's been installed. And to help you derive benefits from this book long after you've purchased and read it, go to the Prentice Hall PTR ERP Series Companion Website-designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest tools, techniques, information, and data on Enterprise Resource Planning technologies. You'll find this Companion Website one of the best ERP information kiosks available: one you will find yourself going back to again and again...This book is also available as part of SAP R/3 Business Blueprint - The Complete Video Course (ISBN: 0-13-026075-4).

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