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Small Gas Engine Repair, Fourth Edition

Small Gas Engine Repair, Fourth Edition

ISBN 9781259861574
Edition 4
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw-Hill Education

Save money by performing your own small engine maintenance and repair jobs

Fully updated to reflect the latest technologies, this best-selling guide shows how to troubleshoot and repair the engines found in household devices—including lawnmowers, garden tractors, portable generators, and handheld tools. Written by a master mechanic, Small Gas Engine Repair, Fourth Edition, provides easy-to-follow, fully illustrated instructions for complicated diagnostic and repair procedures. The book suggests money-saving alternatives to expensive factory tools and overpriced replacement parts. You will gain access to valuable Internet resources as well as shortcuts, field fixes, and other tricks of the trade that working mechanics use on the job.

You’ll find coverage of:
• Basics
• Troubleshooting
• Ignition and related systems
• Fuel systems
• Rewind starters
• Electrical systems
• Engine mechanical
• Two- and four-cycle engines
• Diaphragm carburetors
• Electronic fuel injection
• And much more


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