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Statistics for the Terrified

Statistics for the Terrified

ISBN 9780205004065
Edition 5 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Pearson Education (us)
User-friendly and engaging introduction to elementary statistics. Written in a personal and informal style, this book helps readers make the leap from apprehension to comprehension of elementary statistics. Statistics For The Terrified , 5e is intended as a supplemental text for undergraduate or graduate courses in statistics and research methods, as a refresher for students who have already taken a statistics course, or as a primer for new students of elementary statistics. Millions of people have math anxiety- yet this is rarely taken into consideration in textbooks on statistics. This book presents self-help strategies that help people manage their math anxiety so they can relax and build confidence while learning statistics. After covering the essentials required for the journey into statistics, the remainder of the book presents an introduction to elementary statistics with a great deal of encouragement, support, step-by-step assistance, and numerous concrete examples, without lengthy theoretical discussions.

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