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Survey of Accounting

Survey of Accounting

ISBN 9781119306474
Edition 1
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley

Kimmel & Weygandt’s Survey of Accounting, 1st Edition provides a simple and practical introduction to financial and managerial accounting. It explains accounting concepts without the use of debits and credits, while emphasizing the importance of financial statements and decision making. The focus on financial statements begins in the first two chapters of the textbook and continues in other chapters with clear illustrations that explain how accounting transactions impact financial statements. Grounded in the Kimmel/Weygandt family of products, Survey of Accounting has a student-friendly writing style, exceptional visual pedagogy, and relevant and easy-to-understand examples. Kimmel & Weygandt’s Survey of Accounting is ideally suited for a one-semester introductory accounting course that follows a non-debits and credits approach.


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