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Taxation for Decision Makers, 2018 Edition

Taxation for Decision Makers, 2018 Edition

ISBN 9781119373704
Edition 8
Publication Date
Publisher Wiley

Taxation for Decision Makers provides a clear, practical introduction to taxes with wide-ranging coverage supported by only the essential technical data. Designed for an introductory one-semester class at the graduate or undergraduate level, this book brings fundamental tax concepts out of the tax code and into real life. Each chapter begins with an opening case study that introduces the central topic, giving students a real-world view of how various tax situations are handled every day. Critical thinking and skillful analysis are encouraged and facilitated throughout, and planning is emphasized each step of the way with special margin notes highlighting planning opportunities.

Fully updated for 2018, this new edition reflects the latest changes to the tax codes, rules, regulations, and laws relevant to the student’s understanding of the U.S. tax system. The discussion includes enough detail to inform future practice in taxation and consulting, while providing a non-intimidating introduction to income tax, individual taxes, business taxes, wealth taxation, property dispositions, and much more.


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