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Teaching Literacies in the Middle Years: Pedagogies and Diversity

Course Codes : ECM281, ECM282, EDST2046, EDS4250

Teaching Literacies in the Middle Years: Pedagogies and Diversity

ISBN 9780195575323
Publisher OUP Australia and New Zealand
Publication Date
The text addresses the important issues of literacy pedagogy and student diversity during the challenging years between mid-childhood and mid-adolescence. As a helpful guide to effective planning for teaching, it encourages pre-service teachers to think creatively about teaching practices which engage diverse middle-years learners in the excitement of building literacy skills and capacities. Each of the contributing authors clarifies, in specific ways, the first necessary steps toward learning how to understand this special group of young people and their literacy needs. They then address the important issue of how to develop appropriate and effective pedagogies for students from different backgrounds and with different life experiences and expectations. The book is written in an accessible style and is packed with good ideas for classroom practice, including clear definitions of terms and structured suggestions for further reading. Pre-services teachers and educators will find it an invaluable guide in preparing the next generation of teachers for the learning opportunities offered by diverse classrooms.
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