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 Teaching Nursing : A self-instructional handbook

Teaching Nursing : A self-instructional handbook

ISBN 9780412632808
Publication Date
Publisher W Green
List of tables and figures. Preface to the second edition. Trends in nurse education - towards the 21st century: Introduction; Changes and challenges; Responses to the changes and challenges; Summary. Deciding what to teach: Introduction; Approaches to course content; Criteria for content selection; Techniques for determining content; Summary. Helping students to learn: Introduction; Conditions for learning; Conditions in the learning context; Conditions within the subject matter; Summary. Managing the learning session: Introduction; The lecture; Small group dicussion; Role play; Reflective activities; Independant learning; Using modern educational media; Summary. Fostering clinical learning Introduction; Definition of clinical learning; Aims of clinical learning; Some problems of clinical education; Preparation for practice; Practice with supervision; De-briefing - reflection-on-practice; Bridging the theory-prctice gap; Planning clinical learning. Teaching and learning in the workplace: Introduction; Workplace learning; Workplace teaching - assisting transition in the workplace; Post-registration education; Implications for teaching in post-registration programs; Teaching post-registration students in the workplace. Learning about values, Human rights and ethics: Introduction; Values; Human rights; Nurses and ethical decision-making. Assesing learning: Introduction; Purposes of assessment; Methods of assessment; Selecting assessment methods; Assessing knowledge; Assessing clinical performance; Assessing attitudes; Assessment of reflective practice; Improving reliability of clinical performance assessment; Summary. Evaluating teaching: Introduction; Criteria for evaluation; Sources of information; Reporting evaluation data; Checklist for course evaluation.

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