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The Apocalyptic Timeline in The Book of Revelation

The Apocalyptic Timeline in The Book of Revelation

ISBN 9781944212490
Publication Date
Publisher World Ahead Press
Is Revelation an impossible book to tackle? Do you still believe the seven seals are yet to be fulfilled in the distant future? The Lord says, “Blessed are those who take to heart what is written in it.” If Revelation is enigmatic, how could anyone keep the things written therein?
This book exhibits unmistakable clues in Revelation to unlock the interpretations of already-familiar events in history: – Mongol Invasion by Genghis Khan (13C), Black Death (14C), Religious Reformation (16, 17C), and others. The Author of history revealed them all, long before they happened!
In The Apocalyptic Timeline in the Book of Revelation, you will discover that:

Revelation is easy to comprehend.
Each seal has a clear start and finish, and corresponds to a historic event.
All the seals have opened already.

“Look up, and lift up your heads” (Luke 21:28) and aspire to be raptured.

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