The Evolution of Communism: People, Parties and States in the Twentieth Century

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The Evolution of Communism: People, Parties and States in the Twentieth Century 9780745602226

ISBN : 9780745602226
Publisher : Polity Press
Author(s) :
Overview "The Evolution of Communism" forms a unique synthesis from the specialist literatures on 20th century communism. Organized thematically, it discusses the formative phases of Lenin's Bolshevik party and of subsequent communist parties, communism's spread, and its differing routes to power, the bases of communist parties' independence, and the deep divisions which have fractured world communism, the great variety of communisms and communists, the evolution of communist ideas and theories, the social character of communist states, communist crises and efforts at self-renewal. This book focuses on the variable, adaptive character of communist party organization, with its capacity to apply flexible policies and exploit widely different bases of support, and explores the connections between communism's methods when in quest of power and the distinctive character of communist states. Linking the mechanisms of communist rule to the structure of communist societies, it examines the long history of communist attempts at self-reform, culminating in the transformations now being overseen by Gorbachev in the Soviet bloc and Deng Xiaoping in China. This book will be of interest to undergraduates in international relations, Soviet studies, world politics, political economy and sociology and the interested general reader.

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