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Understanding the Science of Food

Course Codes : DTN1CFC, DTN102

Understanding the Science of Food

ISBN 9781760296063
Publication Date
Publisher Allen & Unwin
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Part 1 Food components, introductory chemistry and food safety

1. Introductory chemistry

2. Food components

3. Food classifications and groupings

4. Food safety

Part 2 Unlocking key food chemistry reactions

5. Protein structure, denaturation and coagulation

6. Polysaccharide thickeners and gels

7. Sugar, browning and caramelisation

8. Emulsifiers, fats and foams

9. Chemical, mechanical and biological leaveners

10. Preservation and fermentation

Part 3 Enhancing cooking

11. Optimising cooking with phase transitions

12. Maximising the sensory experience

13. Gazing into a healthy food future

Appendix 1. Food regulations in Australia and New Zealand

Appendix 2. A scientific approach in the kitchen


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