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World History: Volume 1: People and Their Gods to the 1770s

World History: Volume 1: People and Their Gods to the 1770s

ISBN 9781922168610
Publisher Connor Court
World History is both the story of humankind and an introduction to the discipline of History. This book (in two volumes) will give you greater confidence in understanding, organising and revising your content knowledge of World History, but will also introduce you to the techniques used by historians to analyse and explain the past. History demands a specific set of techniques and a mode of thinking. Any history book or article that you read began life as the application of these techniques to a body of evidence, known as 'primary sources'. Each unit here is accompanied by one or more relevant primary sources, as well as suggestions of books, articles and websites for further reading. Robert Pascoe is Dean Laureate and a Professor of History at Victoria University, Melbourne. This book covers his first-year subject over two semesters in World History.

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